La Primogenita: Italy’s first steps and other magnificent stories to listen to. Verdi e Busseto, l’opera e il Risorgimento, una grande signoria rinascimentale, tra verità e leggenda.

A Parma la walk ‘Renaissance Tyranny’ non si effettua di lunedì.


Toscanini and Verdi, Parma
The city of Parma is inextricably linked with great music, with its renowned opera theatre and as the birth-place of Toscanini. Follow the lives these two great men amidst the drama of the Risorgimento and of Fascism
[Starting point: courtyard of Palazzo della Pilotta – Finishing point: Teatro Regio/Disponibile in Inglese e Italiano]

Renaissance Tyranny, Parma
The fiery tale of the Farnese Dukes who rose from the corruption of the Papal court to help shape the face of modern Europe at the Battle of Lepanto and beyond.
[Starting point: Piazza del Duomo – Finishing point: Teatro Farnese/Disponibile in Inglese e Italiano]

Verdi in Busseto
The small-town origins of one of music’s great geniuses. The relations between Verdi and the community, and how these influenced some of the most popular operas ever to be composed.
[Starting point: gardens of Piazza Giacomo Matteotti – Finishing point: Piazza Verdi/Disponibile in Inglese e Italiano]


The City-States
In the later Middle Ages, the hard-working people of the cities of northern and central Italy sought political and economic emancipation. A walk through the city centre takes us back to those exciting times of freedom and bonds.
[Starting point: Duomo, Main Entrance – Finishing point: Piazza dei Cavalli/Disponibile in Inglese e Italiano]

The Pilgrimages from Dante Alighieri to T. S. Eliot
How writers have described the spiritual life of the pilgrim, and how these men and women confronted the hardships of life on the road to holiness.
[Starting point: Chiesa Santa Maria di Campagna – Finishing point: Piazza dei Cavalli/Disponibile in Inglese e Italiano]