Where else but here? Il Palio, Dante e Galileo, l’economia mondiale, e poi le leggende medievali a San Gimignano.

A Siena e San Gimignano è consigliabile prenotare con almeno 90 giorni di preavviso; ingresso al Duomo di Siena (facoltativo) +9,00 euro a persona.

Legends of San Gimignano
Timeless stories of conspiracies, battles, diabolic intervention, saintly torture and Attila the Hun. The blood, sweat and tears of San Gimignano through history.
[Starting point: Porta San Giovanni, San Gimignano – Finishing Point: Collegiata di Santa Maria Assunta (Piazza Duomo)/Disponibile in Inglese e Italiano]

The Palio, Siena
From the legendary foundation of Siena to the Battle of Montaperti, from medieval Bull-Hunts to the thrilling horserace of today: the Palio of Siena reveals the history, customs and traditions of this breathtaking city.
[Starting point: Piazza del Campo – Finishing Point: Duomo/Disponibile in Inglese e Italiano]

From Dante’s Inferno to Galileo’s Universe, Siena
With the Divine Comedy as our guide, we meet lovers and murderers, poets and scientists. From Dante in the depths of Hell to the celestial spheres and Galileo in exile, we explore the inner and the outer Cosmos through literature…
[Starting Point: Duomo – Finishing Point: Duomo/Disponibile in Inglese e Italiano]