Chocolate, cinema, cars, books… La città che ha ispirato personaggi illustri del passato e che continua ancora oggi a farlo.
Novità: tutti i musei cittadini e Roman Turin.


Roman Turin
Walk with us and meet Augustus Caesar at the height of his power, the sights and sounds of a Roman forum, learn ancient recipes, share the excitement of gladiatorial combat, and learn to play a Roman ball game.
[Starting point: Santuario della Consolata – Finishing Point: Porta Palatina/Disponibile in Inglese e Italiano]

The Story of Gianduja Chocolate
How did Torinese chocolate makers get the better of Napoleon Bonaparte? How did a comic puppet help make peace in newly-unified Italy? And how did freedom from religious persecution make people all over the world a little happier?
[Starting point: Santuario della Consolata o Maria Consolatrice – Finishing Point: Piazza San Carlo/Disponibile in Inglese e Italiano]

If This Is a Man…
The story of Primo Levi, the Jewish community of Turin, the Italian Resistance, the Shoah and Nietszche’s last book of philosophy, written in Turin: Ecce Homo. How does humanity come through intact, no matter what it does to itself?
[Starting point: Mole Antonelliana – Finishing Point: Museo della Resistenza/Disponibile in Inglese e Italiano]