Una città che racconta storie di amore, opera e sapere. E una walk che parla di Shakespeare, raccontando una della figure più discusse della storia.


NOVITA’ 2017: Lovers and Gladiators [Demo gratuita per insegnanti a settembre/ottobre 2016]
With the hauntingly beautiful verses of Catullus and the moving epitaphs of vanquished gladiators to guide our way, we explore one of Italy’s most beautiful cities, ‘fair Verona’, scene of great human drama for over two thousand years.

Was Shakespeare Italian?
Was the author of Romeo and Juliet, and Two Gentlemen of Verona, really the semi-educated son of a glove-merchant from Stratford on Avon? Or is there something Italian in the greatest writer of English history?
[Starting point: Piazza Brà, fontana centrale – Finishing point: ‘casa di Giulietta’]