Are History Walks guided tours of historical centres?
History Walks are not traditional guided tours, rather they are thematic. They are storytelling walking tours, suited to more demanding tourists who are looking a for a new expience or seek to discover curiosities about Italian cities or about the protagonists of history who shaped those cities. They are ideal to complete a day before or after a traditional tour, or during a break ina conference, or as team building activities. And best of all, they are an opportunity to see even your own town through new eyes: for example, hundreds of Pavians have discovered an astonishing Pavia they never knew existed thanks The Original History Walks®.

How long do they last and when are the History Walks held?
All History Walks last roughly 90 minutes, and are available any time, any day of the week, with a few limitations (contact us for more details; normally, Mondays may be problematic).

How much do they cost?
See the Fees and bookings page.

What is the cancellation policy?
Send written communication of the cancellation of one or more Walks via email  (ilmondoditels@gmail.com); il Mondo di TELS will withhold:
50% of the fee (for Walks cancelled 10-15 days in advance);
75% of the fee (for walks cancelled 4-1 day in advance),
100% of the fee for Walks cancelled with less than 1 day of warning.

What happens in case of bad weather?
History Walks are also held in case of rain, because they’re an all-weather experience! If weather conditions are truly adverse, please contact il Mondo di TELS to agree upon a solution for your specific case.

What are the minimum and maximum group sizes?
See the Fees and bookings page.

How can I book a Walk?
See the Fees and bookings page.

How can I pay for may History Walk?
History Walks are paid in advance by bank transfer.

What languages are History Walks available in?
All History Walks are available in both English and Italian. In some cities there is limited availability of Walks in French, Soanish and German. Get in touch with us to find out more.