Virtual Guided Tours

Virtual guided tours – The Original History Walks® go Virtual! 

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The award-winning Original History Walks® are now available in a fresh, simple and effective virtual format. 

A modern and challenging version of the History Walks 

The Virtual Walk is the online twin (with more interaction and problem solving challenges) of the classic History Walks that have been a CLIL classic for years – now temporarily delayed until the COVID-19 situation is resolved. 

The Virtual Walks bring together the latest tools for distance learning and interaction with our characteristic story-telling style and blend of content and specific vocabulary (related to history literature, the arts, science and philosophy) and the dynamic use of the student’s second language.  

Last but not least, the time spent with our guide creates an opportunity for the students to spend time together, in a lighthearted, though educational, way. 


Duration and teaching tools: gamification and learning by doing

The Virtual Walk consists of 70 minutes of contact time, on Zoom, Google Meet, Skype or other similar platforms. There are two 30-minute sessions with a short break. It can be booked for the level of difficulty appropriate to your studentsMiddle School, Junior High School and Senior High School. 

The History Walker’s stories are interspersed with videos, images and challenges, and the students are asked to actively participate by answering questions in real time, performing short tests, searching for information online, interpreting information and analysing data. Thanks to a ‘learning by doing’ and gamification approach, attention levels remain high throughout. As per our traditional method, teachers receive CLIL materials with historical context and vocabulary, and the comprehension test results are sent to the teacher after the Virtual Walk, requiring no marking. 

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The repertoire 

Going Viral, a History Sit-Down on the virus that changed our lives
Biology, Science, Medicine, Society and Future – suitable for all levels 

A journey through the history of science, from Spallanzani to Pasteur, stopping along the way to talk about virology, Ilaria Capua, crowdfunding and the future of medicine. The History Walks’ home base is Pavia, in Lombardy, at the heart of the fight against Coronavirus, the place where Italy’s first patient was treated, and a centre of excellence that is working hard to find a cure. Who better than us to tell this story? 


Winchester, the capital of Anglo-Saxon England
King Alfred the Great, the Round Table, Jane Austen, Keats – Suitable for all levels 

Our ‘home away from home’ in England, Winchester is the county town of Hampshire and the ancient residence of King Alfred the Great, sponsor of the first flowering of English literature. The famous Round Table of King Arthur tells the story of Edward I, Henry VIII and the War of the Roses. The celebrated cathedral still bears the traces of Cromwell’s pillaging, and contains the grave of Jane Austen. The wonderful natural surroundings of the South Downs inspired John Keats to write To Autumn 


Salisbury, the Epic of the Magna Charta
Democracy, Human Rights, Global Politics, the Civil Wars – suitable for Junior and Senior High School 

Salisbury Cathedral contains an original copy of one of the world’s most precious documents, the Magna Carta. Back in 1215, King John ‘Lackland’ could never have suspected that this document would be celebrated in the centuries to come as the foundation of modern parliamentarian democracy. Through no less than three civil wars, which left a profound mark on Salisbury and on England in general, a model of government and of civic responsibility evolved that was then exported across the world as the ‘Westminster System’. 


Cost and booking information 

The cost and booking procedure for Virtual Walks are the same as those of traditional History Walks. Please see here to calculate the costs for your class. 
You can book either for the morning or for the afternoon. Please use our booking form, and wait for booking confirmation. 

Looking forward to hearing from you soon… let’s keep History Walking together!